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Rump’s Inauguration Debacle!

January 22, 2017

Empty seats and sounds of silence blended well with peaceful protests across our great country. But where, one may ask, are the cheering crowds. Don’t we want to see the greatest country on earth, great again. Huh, that makes no sense!

trump-and-obama-inaugration-crowdsThe answer is plain and simple, the new president is a nihilist. Many see the man has no plan. Few find pleasure cheering an invading horde destroy all that stands in its way. Never planting a seed along the way.

Hitler made cause by pointing to the helpless Jews. Trump made cause by pointing to the nascent Obamacare, something he probably cares and knows little about.

Words “I’m going to get rid of” is intuitively too sophomoric; superficial for most.  With not even a whimper of “how” between the anger and hate. The “how” is embarrassingly interlaced behind a non-vote for me and then I will tell you how,” merely plays to the ears of believes in miracles and Lords of the Rings. These find pride bowing down to such foolery.

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