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Is it fracing or fracking 2?

October 23, 2014

French_franc_signA member of a LinkedIn group posted this comment to my previous piece on the subject (see ):

“From a purely English standpoint, the ‘c’ in ‘fracing’ would be a soft one, as it is followed by an ‘i’ or an ‘e,’ so would rhyme with ‘tracing.’ The use of a ‘k’ after the ‘c’ assures us that the pronunciation of the word is phonetically ‘fracking,’ rhyming with ‘tracking.’ It is irrelevant whether the originator of the written term was literacy-challenged, and was followed by those for whom such a correction would have been treasonous. If they just wanted to keep out the damning ‘k,’ the spelling would have been frac’ing, which one sometimes sees, but in a world that passes by signs saying “tomato’s 59 ¢” without remark, additional apostrophes could lead to apoplexy. ‘Fracking’ as a spelling is legible and unambiguous, and with far larger issues to debate, its vague relationship to what is for some, a foul cognate is also irrelevant.”


My reply:

However, curious how you would say “crock” and “croc”….? According to Merriam-Webster the pronunciation of:

Even the late singer-songwriter Jim Croce once sang, “I Got a Name.”


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