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Are We and the Cosmos a Computer Simulation?

December 25, 2012

structure of an atomNo doubt most have already heard about Martin Savage’s, a physicist at the University of Washington, paper exploring the possibility that all we know and see is just a sophisticated computer simulation.

As scientists, we develop a nomenclature for that which we envision and for that which we can measure and prove; quarks being one  As humans, we give names for that which we cannot envision and for that which today’s technology cannot measure and prove;  G-d being one. Sometimes the line of demarcation between the two get blurred and becomes one of the same; Higgs boson the G-d particle being one.

So what is the relevancy of all this gibberish to the thesis of a simulated a universe? For starters is the semantics behind what is known, to that what is hoped to be. Human existence and science for that matter exist to explain – where we came from, why we are here and where are we going. Lacking proof, other than what is ascertained from the basic senses of sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste; mankind extends his/her knowledge through the invention of tools.

A Huxleyan world predicts people come to love their oppression, to adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think. Has not the computer become our oppressor? In this respect, a logical extension of this behavior is to postulate all that we seem to know and see is nothing more than the bits and bytes birthed from a manufactured structure of metals, plastics and gases driving electrons or light in a rather specific way. The unpredictability of which can be called intelligence!

The irony of this view is narrow and dismisses of what is known. Nothing seems simpler than a system built up by only two – ones and zeros. But ones and zeros only exist for which we make them, whether counting a stream of “Ons” and “Offs” from some tangible material that in the end turns on or off a light on the screen or commands a device to strike a character on something that can be filed away – Guttenberg had it right!

So a binary system exists only by the machine. The machine with its bits and bytes defines only which that can be seen. It falls flat on its face with the remaining 96% of the stuff that the cosmos is made of – dark matter and energy.

However unfortunate for simplicity is pure, a somewhat more complex but comprehensive theory system ultimately explains all. Its proof stands up to scrutiny and needs no machines to be read or seen; that is if the standard model is real. Ones and zero do not build these up. The reverse is true; these make up the ones and zeros seen on screen and paper.  No surprise, this structure is framed by 12 fundamental and force carrier particles; quarks, leptons, and photons, etc.

In closing, though most likely misnamed, Higgs boson is what is called the particle of G-d? Hard to think of ones and zeros the pedestal of G-d.

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