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What’s Your Green IQ?

April 22, 2012

This is the first for me. Posting an entire article as-is in my blog. Why? A few of the correct answered surprised me. Thought it would be interesting to see how other scored.  Answers will appear tomorrow.

This quiz by Colleen Oakley was published in today’s Parade section of the Star-Telegram.

1. On average, how fast do you drive on the highway?  (a) 55 mph  (b) 65 mph  (c) 75 mph

2. When your vehicle needs a bath, do you:  (a) Grab the hose and a bucket and do it yourself  (b) Go to a car wash

3. What type of driver are you?  (a) Aggressive  (b) Calm and collected  (c) Somewhere in between

4. It’s lunchtime and you’re craving a fast-food burger. Do you:  (a) Order at the drive-through  (b) Park and head inside to place your order

5. Grilling season is almost here! This summer, you’ll be throwing your burgers and brats onto:  (a) An electric grill  (b) A charcoal grill  (c) A gas grill

6. You’re hosting a cookout and need to stock up on beer. At the store, you fill your cart with:  (a) Cans  (b) Bottles  (c) A keg

7. Okay, you’ve had enough burgers and barbecue. It’s time for a healthy dinner: salmon. At the fish counter, you choose:  (a) Atlantic (b) Wild caught from Washington, Oregon, or California (c) Neither; you skip the fish counter and buy canned

8. Now let’s head over to the produce section. With fruits and vegetables, you look for this label:  (a) Organic (b) Locally grown  (c) I don’t look at labels

9. Your spouse cooked dinner, so you’re on dish duty. Do you:  (a) Wash everything by hand  (b) Rinse off bits of food, then load the dishwasher  (c) Put the dirty dishes straight into the dishwasher

10. After mowing the lawn, what do you do with the clippings?  (a) Leave them in the yard  (b) Bag them and put them out by the curb

11 When a lightbulb in your house burns out, you replace it with: (a) An incandescent lightbulb  (b) A compact fluorescent lightbulb (CFL) (c) A light-emitting diode (LED) bulb

12. You’re cleaning out the medicine cabinet and find a bunch of expired medications. Do you:  (a) Flush them down the toilet (b) Toss them in the garbage but recycle the container (c) Return them to the pharmacy

In closing, my score a pitiful 75%; 9 of 12 correct.  A “C” at best. How did you do?


(1) “How Green Are You,”  Colleen Oakley, Parade, Star-Telegram, April 22, 2012

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