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February 15, 2012

Where does Existence exist?

It’s not at the tip of my fingers, for I can see beyond myself.

My dreams are deep. Its depth is further than I can see, reality or not.

Then there is my mind. It can conceive when time first be. And at the other end, envision what will be.

So is existence beyond me? Is existence defined within me?

I close my mind, matter comprises me. Don’t really spend much time thinking of the atoms making me. That which existed as far as I can conceive. And that which was borrowed will exist till the last moment of time. Do I dare claim Me is bound by birth and death. My mind tells me so. But then why does it allow me to perceive the first and last tick of time. Why then what’s solid in me also spans limits from beginning to the end.

But existence is not just me it’s we. Stop there; I’m bound by my skin. You by yours. Your existence is not mine. Mine not yours. Time and matter here don’t really matter. There is an ether we don’t see or feel. When your heart shines so does mine. When it bleeds, I feel the same in me. When you laugh, I smile too. Your sighs show as a tear in my eye.

Existence is not me, you or even we. It’s not what we see but that which we don’t. One day we took our first breath and one day we will take our last. Those breaths are only limits we think border our existence. But that is only now.  In that, I thank God for giving me the fingers to touch, the ears to hear, the eyes to see, the mind to construct, the borrowing of matter to form me, but mostly for the heart to be me. The final tribute is that existence neither starts nor stops; it goes on…

Picture compliments of NASA:  Stars are being born in these three gaseous pillars “star nurseries”  (picture from Hubble Telescope)

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