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A Call to Action!

September 7, 2011

My abstinence from the “energy” writing scene had less to do with the lack of topics than the trials and tribulations of creating a meaningful and realistic piece that can finally set into motion a socially” acceptable path for change. From thoughts of a rebellion to an embargo of the 2012 election, my recycle bin was bursting at the seams with less than acceptable platforms. Also, a free all expense paid trip by the government to Gitmo tempered my pen. Not that a vacation would be nice, but rather surfboard than waterboard. Where is Thomas Jefferson when you need him?

As promised, for better or worse, here is the plan. OH, a prudent person would have waited to Friday to publish anything along these lines. But since there is finite possibility that President Obama’s Thursday night’s job creation speech would create more false promises, dissention, disagreements and delays on Capitol Hill, felt it would be better to get this out now before the internet implodes from traffic generated by the speech.

Defining moments in American history were sparked by two things – people and powder. Putting aside for the moment catastrophic events such as the shot heard around the world, the bombardment of Fort Sumter, the sinking of the Lusitania, attack on Pearl Harbor and 9/11; more socially acceptable means for change comes from the “power, not powder, of the people.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. showed us the way.  Here lies the “Call to Action.” In contrast to the current round of self-serving and possibly nihilistic Town Hall Meetings, we must amass together on Capitol Hill on a unified front. Our collective agenda is clear – jobs, national security, economic prosperity and public health.  Posturing for position and waiting for the 2012 election just won’t cut the mustard. Time has truly run out and waits for no man / women.

While marches on Washington are far from new, most, if not all been under the guise of a protest. The departing line here is that this assemblage is not a protest at all. It is a coming to God meeting, a reconstruction movement if you wish. Either way, we get it right now or the future survival of our county as we know it can be in jeopardy.

If the almost enslaved could do it against all odds in the summer of 1963, we can do it today. More so than what has now become a useless ballot in the box, this massing on Washington will be the scene shown all around the world. Take Washington out of the antics of closed rooms meetings the likes of which typically are not beneficial to the population at large. Bring it on the streets, by the people not the politician. Make our elected officials, with their robes off so to speak, finally come face-to-face with everyday Americans; not the industrialists, not the heads of corporate America, not the lobbyists, not the shapers of the military-industrial complex, and not the leaders of self-serving special interest groups.

Politicians have failed us famously. It is now up to us to bring it back to us. If America is what it says it is, this can have meaning and effect change “NOW.” Serendipitously, this will test the sobriety of our Legislators, assuming they are rationale and functional beings, which as assumptions may be groundless. If it’s a reality show Washington wants, it’s a reality show they will get. This way Americans’ will be the directors, and our elected officials the actors who move to our wishes not theirs.

It is expected our government will be more restrained than in June 1932 when the military was brought out against the 20,000 protesting World War I veterans and their families seeking advance payment of bonuses from the Hoover administration; several were killed.

In closing, my apologies if this proposal lacks bite. Not sure we can wait much longer. Election time is far off. Politicians will campaign on the shortcomings of others or fill our bellies with the bull we want to hear. As it is said in Texas, the political race will be “all hat with no cattle.” Even if we were able to radically change all the faces in Washington, newly elected officials will have a steep learning curve within a system of government that impedes changes. Again, the time we do not have. Now is the time to see the net worth with those on the playing field, not those on deck.

As guaranteed by the Constitution, We the People of the United States are charted to form a more perfect Union. Then the only thing we have to fear is doing nothing at all.

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