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Animals Know Best – Climate Change and Global Warming!

August 24, 2011


While society debates the reality of climate change and global warming, the animal kingdom, man not included, is picking up their bags and setting up residence in new areas more suitable to their lifestyle.

In a recent article, “Critters moving away from global warming faster,” Seth Borenstein, AP Science Writer reports on a giant study of new and old research published in the Journal Science, which states:

“Animals across the world are fleeing global warming by moving north and up twice as fast as they were less a decade ago….. “

“About 2000 species examined are moving away from the equator at an average rate of more than 15 feet per day….. “

“….. species — mostly from the Northern Hemisphere and including plants — moved in fits and starts, but over several decades it averages to about 8 inches an hour away from the equator.’

“It’s “independent confirmation that the climate is changing….. “

“One of the faster moving species is the British spider silometopus ….. In 25 years, the small spider has moved its home range more than 200 miles north, averaging 8 miles a year….. “

“ the American pika, a rabbitlike creature that has been studied in Yellowstone National Park for more than a century. The pika didn’t go higher than 7,800 feet in 1900, but in 2004 they were seen at 9,500 feet….. ”

“….. the further north the species live, the faster they moved their home base. That makes sense because in general northern regions are warming more than those closer to the equator.

“….. this isn’t about some far off problem “It’s already affected the entire planet’s wildlife…..”

“It’s not a matter that might happen in the lifetime of our children and our grandchildren. If you look in your garden you can see the effects of climate change already.”

The report only cites indirect evidence that climate change and global warming result from anthropogenic rather than natural factors. Though it is indisputable, “that gases from the burning of fossil fuel, especially carbon dioxide, trap heat in the atmosphere and warm the Earth.”

In closing, too bad animals, the true silent majority, are not allowed to vote or have a say in policy decisions. Sadly, the wisdom, insight and need for survival by the simplest of animals far exceeds our fearless leaders in Washington.

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