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Honoring the Military

August 14, 2011

Barry’s Op-Ed “Honoring the Military” was published in the Star-Telegram, August 14, 2011

Whether it is one American military fatality or casualty, the 30 Americans who died in the Afghan helicopter crash or the thousands who died in Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan), the losses of life and limbs are irrevocable. We can honor our fallen by getting out of this unwinnable war. Vietnam should have taught us so. How can a withdrawal honor our fallen? The answer lies in the well-known fact that soldiers “fight for each other” and not necessarily ideological motives.
So if we can make any sense of their final devotion to our county, it is then to prevent others to succumb to the same fate. It’s time to leave and prevent other precious lives from being lost.
The Middle Eastern world had a major distrust for the West well past Charlemagne in 778 CE. It seems highly unlikely that eight years after the end of the war (from the end of World War II to when German and Japan became trusted allies), these countries would wave rather than burn the U.S. flag.

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