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The Virtual World of Renewable Energy from Developers to Investors

June 24, 2011


Several of my discussions have been aimed at government ineptitude, bureaucratic misgivings, mismanagement, election rhetoric, lack of leadership, unnecessary witch hunts, big oil’s role in inhibiting renewable energy, fossil fuels that do not reflect their true cost, climate change opponents, etc.

Now the time has come to highlight another and possibly more insidious problem to the renewable energy industry and that is the developer and investors. There are many legitimate developers and investors: just lucky if you have the opportunity to find one.


• Inexperienced poker players with a loaded gun
• Think they’re on
• Lacking business savvy
• Non-developers claiming to be Developers
• Greed
• Claiming projects are “shovel ready” that are not
• Laying false claims

• All the above
• All the following

• Experienced poker players with an empty gun
• String you on
• Lacking integrity
• Non-investors claiming to be Investors
• Greed
• Claiming access to funds which don’t exist
• Laying false claims

This list can go on, but few developers, brokers and investors are actually who they think they are.

Developers’ misgivings will show up during the due diligent phase. Unfortunately, Investors’ misgivings may possibly show up much later after document, after document, after document have been provided or even at the end of the road when they fail to honor or show up at the negotiating table.

At the end of the day, many on both sides are just wasting time and dollars and most importantly their respect, honesty and integrity.

Any thoughts and experience on the subject?

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  1. Matt mondzelewski permalink
    June 25, 2011 10:27 AM

    Wasting time

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