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What is Department of Energy (DoE) Doing to Reduce our Dependence on Foreign Oil and Obamaloney?

April 7, 2011

My previous discussions, ”Is This the Best America Can Do to Reduce Dependence Foreign-Oil?” and  “The Department of Energy (DoE) Exposed” concluded:

“while the near term trend, showing a slight reduction in oil consumption, is in the right direction more needs to be done in terms of developing a cohesive energy policy that stays the course and shows results on its own merits. Will wait and see the merits, strength and support of Obama’s Blueprint to ensure a sustainable future for energy in the United States. Just hope it is a realistic plan of action rather than another change in direction that has plagued America far too long.”

“It is now crystal clear that the DoE is principally a national security agency and all of its missions flow from this core mission to support national security. Rest assure, America does have an energy policy, but it does not include to a large extent renewables and efficient practices. U.S. energy policy is as American as Apple Pie. It’s far from reassuring to know that on this path, America’s apparent goals of energy security and environmental stewardship is far from a reality.”

A vast majority of the comments were in full agreement with these conclusions. However, two comments from a former high ranking official within the DoE summed up their operation and purpose, far above my poor words to add or detract. These comments appear “as is,” altered only so as not to disclose the source.  They read:

Comment 1.
“You gave more thought to the issue than the President did. This rambling, incoherent distraction from his equally confusing and rambling excuses for what we were doing in Libya made little sense. A week before in Brazil the President touted that nation’s offshore oil discoveries and said when Brazil was ready to sell, we wanted to be their best customer. A Week later, he’s asking for a 1/3 cut in reliance on imports. This speech wasn’t an outline of an energy policy.”

Comment 2.
Thank you Barry. In a past life I was (position deleted) at the DoE. It does a marvelous job collecting statistics and building and testing nuclear weapons.”

In closing, need I say more!


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