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Ontario FIT Policy–More Jobs per Buck

February 5, 2011

Hey U.S. this is the way to legislate a renewable energy program! The article states:

“The buy local provision in Ontario creates a simple, comprehensive economic development strategy for renewable energy that is in stark contrast with the complexity of clean energy programs and incentives used in the United States …..”

“….. Ontario is getting more jobs for its renewable energy investments than comparable Midwestern states.”

“….. Ontario is getting more bang–jobs–for its buck than US programs.”

“….. developers of solar energy in Ontario must source 60% of their project’s value from within the province.”

“….. domestic content or “buy local” rule has spurred a fast-growing renewable energy industry.”

“….. Ontario’s cost per new job created is one-fourth that of jobs in five new manufacturing plants recently built in Ohio and Michigan using state and US federal subsidies.”

“….. 384 MW of locally-owned and aboriginal-owned projects come on line.”

“….. feed-in tariffs are a more equitable way of developing solar energy in particular. For example, he says, most families do not have sufficient tax liability to fully exploit the federal tax subsidies for a small rooftop solar system. In contrast, anyone in Ontario with a suitable roof can install a solar system.”

Congress are you listening!


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