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My response to a Jeffrey Taylor’s LinkedIn Question: “Congress has two serious opportunities upcoming this spring to propose budget cuts …..”

January 31, 2011

Jeffrey L. Taylor a member of LinkedIn’s U.S. Government Relations & Public Affairs group posed this excellent question: “Congress has two serious opportunities upcoming this spring to propose budget cuts; the continuing resolution and the debt ceiling votes. What specific budget cuts would you recommend to Congress?”

I thought this question was worth publishing my response. What are your thoughts on this subject?

My response:

Reduce waste in the government. Reduce starting and stopping programs in mid-stream. Make a realistic assessment of bids before awarding. Reduce size of government. Eliminate subsidies to the O&G industry. Tax the wealthy.

Impeach president and any congressman who makes campaign promises that are not upheld. Isn’t that what we do to CEO’s in corporate US. Establish a rigorous policy were government employees can lose jobs for substandard productivity.

Make any and all government employees accountable.

Stop war in Afghanistan. Bring home solders. Eliminate thinking of the war in the mid-east is on terrorism but call it what it is – SECURING THE PIPELINE FOR IMPORT OF OIL.

Have elected officials focus on Americans rather than the next election.

Yes, I am dreaming. Dreaming of a viable America. Dreaming that we can be who we say we are.

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