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Renewable Energy International

October 21, 2010

Forgive me if I digress for a moment, by the weekend, China: Mercantilistically Astute but Socially Impaired – Energy Policy, Pressure and Cooperation in the 21st Century  will continue with Part 3 “Comparative Advantage”

It is my pleasure to announce and invite you to join the new LinkedIn group “Renewable Energy International”

Renewable Energy International (REI) consists of members working towards adoption of renewable energy within the local, national and international arenas. REI shall balance creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship with process and strategy. Of prime importance is participation of each and every member to establish a solid foundation that ensures long term commitment. Renewable Energy Programs shall be integrated into plans that overcome institutional, legislative or infrastructure constraints.
With the collective wisdom and drive of its membership, REI believes it can stimulate and advance policies and technologies that effectively utilize resources for energy sustainability and environmentally friendly energy solutions. As an ad hoc group of competent and dedicated individuals, it is possible to achieve these ambitious energy goals while staying anchored in reality.

While REI is designed to be a cauldron of ideas, beliefs, theories and methods, it is not indented to be a casual network of individuals seeking jobs or promoting self-interests. All suggestions, no matter how diverse, shall be accepted and discussed in a professional manner. Agreement is not the intent of the group; for disagreement, used properly, can result in new and better ideas with deeper insight.

Let’s make REI a center to promote renewable energy technologies and policies throughout the world.

Our journey shall be enjoyable and fruitful for laymen and politicians alike.

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  1. Savo Djukic permalink
    October 24, 2010 12:29 PM


    Thank you for invitation.

    I do not believe much in a government or in a big business renewable energy – unless it is given at a very low cost or free to the end users.

    Everything what is being done untill now is done only to prevent the big corporation’s loss of the control over energy.

    All the QE and stimulus money was given to the banks and to the big corporations, with important labels to ‘invent the renewable energy’ and to ‘create jobs’ – nothing will come out of it.

    If every home/flat owner in the USA was given a free solar kit (but only made in the USA), you would have plenty of new jobs, money in the real economy, renewable energy, less CO2, …

    As it is now, all the money in wind, soya-fuel, waves electricity, electrical cars, is just a ‘carry on policy’ – let’s pretend that we are doing something, while being paid from the tax money, in the meantime we carry on selling our overpriced energy to the brainwashed population.

    Our politicians are everything but naive – they are mostly cheap idiots, people without the integrity and no brains, with the price label on their back, they always put their own interests before the nation’s interests.

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