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Renewable Energy Job Search: America – Capitol Hill – Leadership

September 12, 2010

This discussion is a grass roots effort  to identify a leader and policy maker who can, in a timely manner,  secure America’s national security and economic prosperity by legitimizing the long awaited adoption of renewable and clean energy.

Looking for your nomination of a courageous forwarding thinking politician who can accomplish this goal.

It’s time to be constructive and positive. Time to focus on making substantive moves towards renewable energy. America, in the face of adversity,  we have demonstrated time-and-time again we can do the impossible. From gaining our freedom from the impenetrable British army to the  insurmountable technological feat off walking on the moon, America is unparallel in its collective wisdom and drive towards the effective utilization of its unparallel resources for the advancement of the of America people and all mankind . 

America’s accomplishments did not come without risk and were not haphazard. One factor stands out amongst all others. Whether it was the time-that-created-a-leader or a leader-that-created-the-time, most of America’s greatest achievements can be underpinned by one component and that is an individual. The standout or leader of the time.

The Revolution was driven to success by Washington, the space program was ignited into the hearts and minds of every American by Kennedy, and the civil right movement that inspired a nation was catalyzed  by the courage, fortitude, compassion and dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Now, America is engaged in a great challenge of technological and economic survival, testing whether this nation and the American people  have the will and courage to finally become energy independent and environmentally friendly. Energy is here to say,  but renewable energy the well talk about distant cousin has yet to be internalized by our nation.

All the pieces are in place.  We know what needs to be done, we have the wherewithal to do so, and for the most part the untapped drive to accomplish that goal.

What seems to be is lacking is true leadership. The same leadership that drove America to greatness. so many times before. Now is not the time to point fingers, What’s done is done.  Through the looking glass of policy makers on Capitol Hill, there must be one who can take the bull- by-the-horn and effect real change. Progress towards America’s energy independence by adoption of renewable energy throughout main street.

I ask you who today fits that bill today!

And so, My Fellow Americans: Ask Not What Our Politicians Claim They Can Do –  Ask What Politician  Can Really Do.

I await your response.

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  1. September 13, 2010 6:44 PM

    I am interested in the following technologies: LFTR nuclear energy, Plasma Gassification and Sterling engines.
    LFTR is not a renewable energy source but it is a clean nuclear energy source. Unlike current Uranium/Plutonium based reactors, LFTR use thorium that is a waste product of the mining industry, mainly coal. LFTR cannot be used for nuclear weapons. It can thus reduce nuclear material proliferation. It can reuse the waste products of current nuclear reactors. There is 1000s of years of thorium fuel available on earth. Our moon has plenty of thorium. Google LFTR and watch the videos. A very viable, safe nuclear technology. (I have linked it on my blog.)
    Plasma gassification is a process of using thermal plasma to convert hydrocarbons to gaseous fuels. This technology can convert pretty much anything, waste bio materials, garbage, fossil fuels into useful gaseous fuels. An additional reactor can then convert the gaseous fuels into synthetic gasoline and diesel.It can reduce landfills and other waste.
    This is a very viable and clean energy technology.
    Sterling engines can be used to convert biofuels of all kinds to useful work. It has high efficiency compared to other Carnot engines. This engine can also be used to convert waste heat to useful work. The reverse Sterling engine, which is a refrigeration heat engine, has great potential for cooling purposes.
    These technologies do not need a long steep learning curve as the technologies are currently in place already. But for some reason, there are not well known. If anyone has knowledge about the above technologies, I would be grateful for more information regarding jobs, industrial application, etc.

  2. September 13, 2010 7:46 PM

    Comment posted in LinkedIn on this discussion.

    LinkedIn Groups
    Group: Global Renewable Energy Network (GReEN)
    Discussion: Renewable Energy Job Search: America – Capitol Hill – Leadership

    Great parts of America look like the Moon, so we might as well use them in a simple, safe and reversible way. Because remember: PV can be dismantled just as quickly as it’s built!
    We win time for technology to develop without harming the future of our children.

    Posted by Paco Caudet

  3. September 14, 2010 4:25 PM

    Great parts of America look like the Moon, so we might as well use them in a simple, safe and reversible way. Because remember: PV can be dismantled just as quickly as it’s built!
    We win time for technology to develop without harming the future of our children.

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