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“Forget Politics, Think Economics” – Oil Independency Is Not Only About Climate Change and Global Warming

August 3, 2010

My article, “Forget Politics, Think Economics” was published in O&G Next Generation, August 3, 2010,

Forget global warming, forget melting ice, forget rising seas, and forget smog-blanketed cities. But don’t forget that the USA spends about $1 million per minute on foreign oil, $64 million per hour and more than $52 billion a year for Persian Gulf imports alone to feed its addiction for foreign oil. Don’t forget we are paying for both sides of the war by helping to finance the enemy, while at the same time bearing the tremendous cost of the war to support their petro-oligarchs. Don’t forget that we are a debtor nation that is losing its financial, technical and manufacturing prowess.  It’s about us, humanity and our future, that we keep our dollars in the USA by getting off petroleum and utilize clean, abundant, and domestically-produced energy sources.  Only through these actions can we ensure our children’s children will have any measure of opportunity, which is rapidly drifting away

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