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Equation for Human Well-Being Or: How to Combat Climate Change

July 30, 2010

All causes, right or wrong, have slogans or rallying cries that inspires, strike emotions and drives events. While invoking patriotic sentiment, these powerful symbols serve to unify diverse groups into a collective whole. Whether it’s the tune “Over There” during WWI, the Peace Symbol of the 60’s, or the sight of a yellow ribbon as remembrance of men and women who served in places far from home; these images help rally support for a cause.

Today’s talk about climate change is mixed with words such as green, sustainability and conservation. In some respects, these words have become trite and meaningless. From an inspirational standpoint, “Green” fails to strike an emotional chord and lacks the universal language as a call to action. It seems the march towards “Greenness” has actually diverted our attention from what really matters.

The underlying goal is not about measuring, controlling or reducing carbon footprints and harmful emissions; rather it is about Us, Mother Earth and Our Children. Our effort must be focused towards ensuring a healthy planet that can sustain humanity.

Hence the derivation of U=mc2, or if you like just call it “WHY.”





Certainly, our existence is based on one thing and one thing only and that is it our planet. If something is potentially dangerous, then due care, caution and attention to detail prevail. Then WHY would we be negligent on something as substantive as our earth and gamble on future generations. In the scheme of things, it is somewhat immaterial whether global warming is due to anthropogenic or natural forces and processes? Why even argue if fossil fuel CO2 emissions are a major contributor to global warming. Why debate if the destruction of forests and the loss of non-renewable resources cause insidious changes in the atmosphere or land surface.

But what we do know is that the survival of the human race and all life is reliant on economically productive soil, clean and available water and a healthy environment. Without exception, use and misuse of energy, food and water will impact future generations. Does it no seem foolish for us to harm mother earth and potentially subject our children to an uncertain future? All such very risky business when we have the resources, wisdom and capability to do the right thing. We just need the willingness and wisdom to do so.

For Us, Mother Earth and our Children’s Children’s, let’s stop gambling.

Hopefully, this scientifically unscientific equation, extrapolated from Einstein and embedded with Friedmanism, will remind us to be green, sustain and conserve. Why you ask, the because of Us, Mother Earth and our Children’s Children’s:


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  1. July 31, 2010 1:14 AM

    that formular is even more than correct.
    Thank you for inventing it.

    I will propose you for a nobel prize!

    If only the concerned citizen knew the importance of U=mc2.

    We all have a big resopnsibility to come up to your formular.
    Each and every of us, of the growing world population
    can do much more than she or he knows or is aware of.

    Why not start to day to change the world!
    Thank you for taking up the lead!

  2. July 31, 2010 7:40 AM

    U=mc2 makes a lot of sense! Thanks for moving the conversation forward with such thoughtfulness and purpose. This is an incredible blog.

  3. August 9, 2010 7:53 PM

    While I do think the formula is eloquent and perfectly compounded, the average human being will fail to grasp its meaning without a visual cue.
    It took many years for E=MC2 to enter the mainstream and should you venture to ask the average human its true meaning today, most would fail.
    Humans are programmed via pictures; we take our cues from visual signs, big business molds our opinion with subtle and not so subtle visions of happiness and bliss.
    With that said, please take this proposal with an open mind.
    Every single human being (save some unfortunate souls) has one common denominator below the fact that we live on this rock together; The Breast.
    The breast is the first thing that we reach for in life to give us nourishment and strength. It gives us immunity from common diseases and on top of that it provides the comfort and contentment we require to begin our earthly journey.
    Even you subconsciously admit as much by calling this planet “Mother Earth” so you see it works perfectly.
    If you wish to enlighten every human being in the world to the fact that …”our existence is based on one thing and one thing only and that is [sic] it our planet”… then use the one visual symbol that every one of us owes our existence too.
    This is not meant to be rude, funny, self serving or otherwise, I am simply stating that while you, I and many others “get it”, the multitudes do not. They care if they eat today, and the rest is someone else’s problem.
    Perhaps an enlightened graphics artist or marketing genius could mold the breast and Mother Earth into a universal symbol for life and burn the image into our minds that our collective existence begins at birth and relies upon our nurturing the planet, not abusing it.
    I would imagine something along these lines; Earth, coddled by the universe in the shape of a woman, her hands pulling the cosmos closer to her bosom and slowly zooming into the planet showing images of humans taking care of their Mother Earth as she takes care of them.
    Thanks for your constant efforts.

  4. August 10, 2010 7:07 AM

    How’s this for an image?

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