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Are We Happy or Hot As Hell – Loss of U.S. Dollars, Jobs, Climate UnContol Bill, Energy Myopia, No Leadership, Ineffective Government and Senate

July 28, 2010

Where do we go from here? It’s recognized that there are two highly polarized groups surrounding the issue of “Climate Change,” those that want immediate action and those that want to take a wait and see attitude.

Sentiments range from traumatic and catatonic disbelief that the U.S. government continually fails to pass an educated, viable and effective Climate Control Bill to those that believe climate change and global warming are not a function of anthropogenic activities, and therefore, are glad or complacent that our government is more concerned with reelection than what has proven to be destruction to our environment.  Satirically speaking, it’s funny that the some are more proven to believe the uninformed than professionals dedicated to understand the nature of change. Situation seems to resemble the old “Pass the Word” game where the first person is given a word and whispers it to their neighbor, so on an so forth, until the last person utters the wrong word.

While there are truths and misbeliefs on both sides, the one metrix we can measure with certainty and all agree on is the ever growing exportation of dollars for foreign oil and the ballooning trade deficit. Current accounts suggest the U.S. exports about $2 million dollars a minute to quench our thrust for foreign oil. So no matter what side you are on; while we may or may not be causing irreversible damage to our environment, without exception, we are creating an almost insurmountable financial and economic hole.

For this reason alone, as American’s and citizens of the world, we should be Mad as Hell. Where are our priorities? If job creation and economic recovery is key, do we then derive satisfaction from an ever increasing trade imbalance compounded with a loss of technology, manufacturing and skilled labor. Soon America will be the land of unskilled final packaging laborers much like what was seen in post WWII Japan.

It does not take much thinking to elegantly integrate program(s) that benefit our climate, health and future generations. Sure this was the intent of the 2009 ARRA, which appears to be a complete failure. Where are the jobs and where are on Main Street is the plethora of clean and renewable solutions? Actually, with the delay in passing a meaningful Climate Control Bill, there are more businesses, state and local agencies deferring the adoption of clean technologies that actually benefit their bottom line. Sure the DoE provided a $465 million loan to Tesla Motors to manufacture the Model S EV with a base price of $49,900. Even with incentives this will be a tad pricy for the average American who is jobless or working longer hours for the same or reduced salary. Tesla has been a money pit for many years. Wonder why? It may be enlightening to visit their luxurious 89-acre corporate campus in Palo Alto, where they are about to release their +$100,000 EV Roadster for the everyday person.

It all boils down to our government, which lacks the leadership, wisdom, conviction, courage and common sense to do  what is right, whether global warming is fact or fiction.

It seems rather futile to keep on writing and taking on this subject; loss of US dollars and jobs continues to grow. Seeing reverse action by the U.S. Executive and Legislative branches is shocking at best. Letters to your State Senator or Representatives is not worth the stamp it is written on. Maybe it’s time for new strategies and tactics. Remember the “Shot heard ’round the world?” The effect of this single action cannot be understated in terms of waking up the sleeping masses? This is not to advocate a rebellion, but to advocate the need for immediate and substantial changes in the way things are done in the U.S. Once upon a time, “Marches on Washington,” were an effective tool, as underscored by the civil rights movement and the War in Vietnam (actually an undeclared war).

Time to pick things up a notch or two, if not for us, but for our children, grandchildren, and future generations to have the opportunity to seek life, liberty and the purist of happiness.

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  1. July 31, 2010 7:54 AM

    If writing letters doesn’t work, what do you recommend we do?

    Thanks for equipping me with the information. You’re doing a lot just by educating. I just got back from the Plug-in 2010 conference in San Jose. The theme among OEMs was that we need consumer education at all levels so that people don’t reject these cars by not understanding the benefits. By blogging, you are taking part in this critical process. I suppose that’s the best we can so. Oh, one more thing. We can give people experiences that bring them around. I asked
    my father to drive My Prius rental back to Enterprise. I asked him how he liked it. He said it was so neat that now he wants to buy a Volt! That’s a lot more affordable than the Tesla, and the LEAF is even cheaper-under 30k after fed rebate of $7500. We can kick this habit one driver at a time, starting this year!

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